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Bondage Directory: Official Link List

Okay, so you’re kinky. Congrats! Somehow you’ve figured out that you like some weird stuff when it comes to sex. It doesn’t matter how you got here, it just matters that you’re here now!

Now that you know you’re know that you’re into kinky stuff, what are you supposed to do? Where do you go from here now that you have this new information about your sexuality? What do you need to know? What do you need to learn? What are the basics?

Well, I’ve totally got you covered, dear reader. I’ve made an easy to navigate list of some essential sites that you must familiarize yourself as a fetishist who’s fresh on the scene. Here are some sites that will teach you the basics of what you’re into, how to do it, and help you find people to do it with:


Fetlife is the essential dating site for people in the kink community. It really is like Facebook for Kinky people. You definitely need an account on this site regardless of what you’re into.

Fetlife will help you connect with your local community, find kindred spirits, and people to play with! If you do decide to throw some money at the site, you’ll also gain access to some of the best amateur kinky porn on the internet!

If you click any link off this list, let it be this one.

Kink has been making kinky porn since forever. They make some of the best and most authentic fetish porn online.

They have a ton of different sites under Kink, so there’s something for anyone. It doesn’t matter what you’re into (rope, leather, public sex, etc) or who you’re into (men, women, transpeople, etc), Kink has something for you.

This fictional map of the realms of human sexuality may help you really think about what you’re into.

This site allows you to drop pins onto regions of the map to indicate what you like, don’t like, or what you want to try! It may really help you figure out what you’re into if you’re new to this lifestyle!


Curious about how sexuality works? Need some tips on the basics of the D/s Lifestyle? What really is bondage? What positions can you do with a strap on? Need a refresher on male/female anatomy?

Check out Sexplanations on Youtube. This channel is run by Dr. Lindsey Doe, a clinical sexologist. She makes informational videos about human sexuality.

Watch some videos and get the sexual education you should have gotten in high school!

Again, when you’re new to all of this stuff, it may be hard to figure out what you’re into. There are also some more confusing words associated with BDSM like primal/prey and hedonist!

This site asks you questions and then shows what percentage you scored in a number of areas. It may help you figure out what you should categorize yourself as within the world of BDSM and kink!


When it comes to rope bondage, M0co is king. Sure, you can tie up your partner with some synthetic rope from the hardware store… but you can actually hurt them and it’s not what is traditionally used.

M0co is a rigger and is trained in Japanese bondage and handspans all the rope for sale on this site! This is where you should go to buy rope if you’re looking to get started!

Mr. S Leather

When it comes to Leather, there’s nothing better than Mr. S.

This legendary store is based in San Francisco and is even featured in some Kink pornos! Their online site is the best place to shop for leather goods with kinky purposes.


If you’re looking for other kinds of toys, look no further than Extreme Restraints. You’ll find a ton of leather, metal, and other kinds of bondage devices for sale online.


When it comes to body safe sexy toys you should look to SheVibe. They only sell sex toys that won’t leach chemicals into your body (because there’s not FDA regulation on sex toys)!

You can get crowd favorites here like the Hitatchi Magic Wand (both wired and wireless) and Bad Dragon toys!

Amazon… but not for toys, for books!

While I would not recommend buying toys off of Amazon – because only god knows where they’ve been and what they’re made of – this site is great for books!

You can find great guides for learning how to tie bondage, porn star novels, and tons of fantastic erotica!

Folsom Street Fair

You’ve got to know your kinky facts and basics! So you have to know about the Folsom Street Fair! FSF is the largest gathering of kinky people in America – only rivaled by a gathering in Germany. Read up on this legendary kink event on their website.