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About Me

Hi there, welcome to the Bondage Directory – your one stop shop to find the best BDSM and kink destinations on the internet!  And while directories have more or less gone out of style, we continue to curate the best BDSM and bondage links for your enjoyment.

You can all call me Candy (because I’m sweet, duh). The reason I didn’t want to use my real name is probably obvious by now, because this site is a little bit XXX rated, don’t you think? Well, my interests are varied and dirty. Oops.

I mean, you probably share some of my interests otherwise you wouldn’t be using this site now would you? Well, maybe you shouldn’t use your first name either. It’s fun to pretend to be someone else sometimes don’t you think?

Well, if you’re into kink or bondage or roleplay you probably agree with me. If you’re on here for another reason, I hope this blog helps satisfy your curiosity or your human sexuality research paper or whatever else you’re on here for!

On here you’ll find a lot of things kink and sex related, so for your sake I hope you have an open mind. You can also totally submit your own stories if you want to! I’d love to hear about your latest sexy adventures.

Well, I hope you enjoy our directory! Try not to blush too hard while reading! 😉