The best BDSM sites on the internet


If you’re anything like me, you use the internet for less than chaste purposes. Come on, if you’re not watching porn or sexting on the internet then you are LYING.

Well now that you’ve accepted that you’re a sexual deviant just like the rest of us, set aside any linger Victorian values and let’s talk about bondage. Ah yes, Fifty Shades of Grey, Betty Page, and Rihanna. All of these things have one thing in common: whips and chains. Excited? You, me, and Rihanna both! I – like most of modern western society – am thoroughly obsessed with bondage now that it’s become super mainstream. Why hide your deepest desires when you can live them out? Here are my favorite BDSM sites online:

1.      Fetlife
This site is literally the god of all BDSM sites. It’s the Daddy of all the daddies out there. If you’re not on Fetlife can you really even call yourself kinky? Fetlife is the center for most internet based (and real life based) kink and fetish activity in not just the US but the world. Everyone uses Fetlife.
You can not only look for a suitable mate or play partner, but you can share videos, get advice, and perv some of the hottest somewhat amateur content on the internet.
To be completely honest, I wouldn’t blame you if you ditched this article now and went and signed up for an account right now. Please, go for it!

If you don’t watch porn on you must be so green to the fetish community it’s not even funny. This is basically where all the good is. Sure, you’ll have to pay to see full videos but those previews aren’t something to scoff at. Why watch a full length movie when you can watch the previews which is essentially the highlight reel?
But if you want to upgrade you should, I mean why not support the kinkier arts right?
But if you don’t, then you should really give this other site a try…

This site is such a great free porn site I’d say it rivals RedTube and PornHub alike. I’m obsessed. Plus, they have a ton of free bondage videos. A lot of the rougher ones are some serious german dungeon porn (and if you’re into that, good for you). However, they do have a ton of stuff that’s ripped straight from Kink.
While I know it’s unethical… it’s arguably just as hinky to tie someone up and beat them right?


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