Top 3 Fuck-buddy Apps for 2019

If you ask anyone between the ages of 18-27 if they’ve ever tried a dating app before, most of them are going to say yes – and the other people are just lying. In 2018 we saw a lot of buzz around dating apps (even more than 2017), so it’s no surprise that 2019 is going to be yet another year of slamming clam for millions of people across the US.

The trends in the dating app world are rapidly changing, so it’s important that you know about the trends before they even happen. Come along with me, and we will check out the hottest upcoming dating apps of 2019.

  1. FuckPal

    FuckPal, in case you aren’t familiar, is a dating app created in 2018 that connects people who may have… seen them before. It’s a little complicated, so let me explain.

    Fuckpal is a location-based dating app (much like Tinder or Bumble) that matches people based on the ever so popular ‘like/dislike’ system. But here’s where it gets interesting; The app will actually give you a notification if you pass one of your matches on the street.

    Let’s say for example that you ‘swiped right’ on a stunning girl you saw in the app. The next morning you’re out getting coffee, and your phone starts buzzing in your pocket. It’s a happn notification letting you know that one of your matches is sitting in the same coffee shop.

    Next thing you know it’s 5 years later, and you two are happily married with a beautiful family, or maybe just a fuck buddy… OK so maybe I skipped a few steps there, but you get what I mean. The app is exciting as hell, and now that I think about it, it might be even more addicting than Tinder.

  2. Bumble

    Bumble. I mean, what more do I have to say? I remember when Bumble had representatives come to my school and hand out free pens in the library. I had never heard of it before, and it didn’t really look that promising when I downloaded it shortly afterward.

    But of course, I was wrong. In the past year, Bumble has made titanic moves in the dating-app game. Millions of users strong, Bumble is now in the top 3 most successful dating apps of all time. Why is it so popular though?

    It’s pretty simple. It’s exactly like Tinder aside from one specific feature that opened up a whole new world of possibilities for young lovers everywhere. When you match with a girl, you can’t message her. Only she can message you.

    It may seem simple, but it makes finding a fuck-buddy a thousand times easier. You avoid wasting time on girls that never reply to messages, and it makes the guys feel more… wanted. Overall, it’s just a great app with incredible functionality and a flourishing user-base. Oh yeah, and it’s not going away any time soon.

  3. POF

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of POF before, but it’s not really a hook-up app. Well, it is, but it’s not supposed to be.

    The whole purpose of the app is for people to take a ‘chemistry test’ before the site finds people that would make for good conversation. But you see, when you take millions of horny people (of all ages) and set them up on a site that revolves around ‘conversation’… well, you can imagine what happens in those chat rooms.

    Most of the time your matches will ask you for you snapchat or some other form of communication – so hooking up isn’t hard. There are a lot of people on the app what are looking for a proper spouse, but there are a lot more just looking for a freak in the sheets.

    Go check it out and see for yourself, it’s a total trip.

This Is The Best Way To Find Yourself A Dirty Kik Account

Kik sex is one of the most fun forms of sexting there is! Back when the app was popular, people just used it to message their friends instead of just simply texting (because that’s boring, right?) them, but if you haven’t noticed, basically no one uses Kik anymore. Except for the few that do, and those that still want to be able to have a group chat with their mix of Android and iOS homies.

Because nothing’s worse than a green-bubble group chat, am I right?
So what kind of people does that leave on Kik right now? The horny ones!
There’s a whole subculture of Kik-sexting online and within the app that’s full of people who want to sext and are excited about it. You just got to know where to look for them.
Now you may be asking yourself, just where exactly can I find dirty Kik accounts? Where can I find real-life hot girls that want to sext?

The best way to find them? Forums and Kik-sexting centered websites!
A simple Google search will bring up so many websites and forums you can look through to find hundreds upon hundreds of usernames for people looking to engage in some steamy Kik convos.

KikSnapMe, for example, is a website that connects you to real people, either male or female depending on your preference, by displaying their usernames for free online.
Another website you can look at that’s dedicated to the topic of Kik sexting and connecting users with each other is KikFriender. To use their site, you can sign up and create an account to find local Kik users that want to have some fun.

There are also some places you’d be surprised and would never think to look for dirty Kik usernames. One of these being Google plus communities, like this one here. Real people post their usernames, and the community description clearly states the word “sext,” so you know everyone on there is game.

A forum board on Dirty Usernames has a thread titled “Kik Girls” where women post their Kik usernames and tells a little about themselves. Just by looking through this thread, you’ll be sure to find yourself a dirty girl to Kik tonight.

As you can see, there are many options available for you on the Internet that will let you find a dirty Kik account. It’s up to you to go search for them, and once you’ve rounded up a few people you like, go and message them! If you haven’t done this yet, you could be missing out on the best sexting of your life.

Fetish dating 101: 9 sinful steps to dating kinky people

It doesn’t matter how you got here! But you’re here now and you’re trying to figure out the dating scene that surrounds kink and fetish.

Here are a few tips to dating kinky people that’ll help you on your way (thought the best way to learn is by trying or by taking official BDSM tests)!

1. Understand Poly

If you’re new to the kink community, you’re going to have to learn a little about polyamory. There’s a lot of different ways to do poly and it means a lot of different things to different people, but poly in a nut shell is the desire to maintain multiple romantic and sexual relationships.

You don’t have to be okay with being poly yourself, but you should understand it because a lot of people will have a primary partner (or a few) and still date around within the scene! Definitely read up on it more, but be conscious that poly is a thing!

2. Most people are really open!

A lot of people clam up when they first get into kink. What you’ll find is that a lot of people are very open and welcoming. You’re going to meet a lot of very accepting people within the community. So, get excited!

3. …Except when they’re not open at all

While most people are extremely open about fetish, there are some people who are forced to keep it on the downlow for a multitude of different reasons. These people will usually tell you, but make sure that if you run into one of these private people in a vanilla place, don’t out them as kinky!

4. Understand trauma and boundaries

A lot of people have trauma. And when you’re playing with ropes and handcuffs and incorporating aspects of humiliation into sex, those traumas might arise. So be aware of that in yourself and with partners.

And NEVER cross hard limits. Once boundaries are set they aren’t to be pushed unless explicitly said so by the person. Pushing limits is violating consent and that’s definitely not okay. Pushing limits is not Safe Sane or Consensual (SSC)!

5. Just because they’re into something doesn’t mean you have to be

Okay, so let’s say you’ve found a partner who is really into feet. Just because they’re into that doesn’t mean you have to be. Don’t let that turn you off from getting with someone. You don’t have to incorporate every single kink into every single sexual encounter!

6. Don’t be scared of the leather! Most people are really sweet!

A lot of people are intimidated by all the leather and the dark clothing. But you shouldn’t be! A lot of people in the community just look intimidating!

Some of the sweetest most understanding people are also the people who have a thousand tattoos and dress in the most intense way.

Just because someone looks like they can kick your ass, doesn’t mean they will (unless you ask them to politely).

7. Beware of hyper-masculine Dom types

These guys are usually really fucked up and violate consent all the time. Don’t get intoxicated by all the testosterone. Be wary.

8. Fetlife is almost a necessity

If you’re just starting out you’ll need to get on Fetlife! That was the best decision I ever made. Fetlife will help you connect with the community!

9. There are plenty of kinksters in the sea

Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work out and don’t hold on to a relationship for the sake of the sexual chemistry. There will be another person who will have the same kinks and will treat you infinitely better! Remember that you always come first!

The best BDSM sites on the internet


If you’re anything like me, you use the internet for less than chaste purposes. Come on, if you’re not watching porn or sexting on the internet then you are LYING.

Well now that you’ve accepted that you’re a sexual deviant just like the rest of us, set aside any linger Victorian values and let’s talk about bondage. Ah yes, Fifty Shades of Grey, Betty Page, and Rihanna. All of these things have one thing in common: whips and chains. Excited? You, me, and Rihanna both! I – like most of modern western society – am thoroughly obsessed with bondage now that it’s become super mainstream. Why hide your deepest desires when you can live them out? Here are my favorite BDSM sites online:

1.      Fetlife
This site is literally the god of all BDSM sites. It’s the Daddy of all the daddies out there. If you’re not on Fetlife can you really even call yourself kinky? Fetlife is the center for most internet based (and real life based) kink and fetish activity in not just the US but the world. Everyone uses Fetlife.
You can not only look for a suitable mate or play partner, but you can share videos, get advice, and perv some of the hottest somewhat amateur content on the internet.
To be completely honest, I wouldn’t blame you if you ditched this article now and went and signed up for an account right now. Please, go for it!

If you don’t watch porn on you must be so green to the fetish community it’s not even funny. This is basically where all the good is. Sure, you’ll have to pay to see full videos but those previews aren’t something to scoff at. Why watch a full length movie when you can watch the previews which is essentially the highlight reel?
But if you want to upgrade you should, I mean why not support the kinkier arts right?
But if you don’t, then you should really give this other site a try…

This site is such a great free porn site I’d say it rivals RedTube and PornHub alike. I’m obsessed. Plus, they have a ton of free bondage videos. A lot of the rougher ones are some serious german dungeon porn (and if you’re into that, good for you). However, they do have a ton of stuff that’s ripped straight from Kink.
While I know it’s unethical… it’s arguably just as hinky to tie someone up and beat them right?


A little introduction…

Hi there, welcome to my blog!

I’m not going to use my real name, but you can all call me Candy (because I’m sweet, duh). The reason I didn’t want to use my real name is probably obvious by now, because this site is a little bit XXX rated, don’t you think? Well, my interests are varied and dirty. Oops.

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